Complete make over of Body, Mind & Soul.

20th January, 2021

07:00 pm to 08:30 pm


Mr.Venu Kalyan (Life coach)


Experience the ultimate life changing experience


Transform Your Life

About the webinar

Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you think you deserve more in life? Do you sometimes feel stuck when you are not able to achieve what you truly desire? Are you trapped by the fears inside you which stop you from living an extraordinary life? Are you tired of procrastination? Do you wish to achieve physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual mastery?

Till now thousands of participants have transformed their lives by removing the stress tension and negativity from their lives,now its your turn to attend the free webinar “Transform your life” of Mr.Venu Kalyan

Everyone wants success in their lives but very few know the process how to achieve success in life.If you have decided to start your journey to success then you will definitely need a coach who will show you the most important factor to achieve your success that is goal.

You can generate action only if you know how to use your mind. Two parameters that define our success are Psychology and Strategy but do we know this fact? this webinar can give you the deepest insight in you to bring about the transformation in your life...

We all know that knowledge is power but the latest definition in my research during my training programs over lakhs of participants showed me that “Action is power”.

You will uncover how failure patterns can be transformed into the success patterns in the webinar, which will propel you towards achieving your success. Get ready to begin your success journey by transforming your life.

" What people can do is amazing but what people do is disappointing "


How to live a stress free life.

Psychology behind success pattern vs failure pattern.

How to improve your financial status

All time Success formula

Power of Mind

What you will learn






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Venu Kalyan is a professional full time coach who’s has helped more than 12 Lakhs+ people through his trainings & seminars. He is from the industry’s leading dominators. He has received best emerging life Coach Award received by Telangana Government in 2019 & has received Social Media star Award by Andhra Pradesh Government in 2019.

His vision to empower more than 10 million people. He is having a following base of more than 7 lakh people including all the social media platforms.

He has conducted more than 90+ webinars in last 3 months to empower his mentees from all across the globe.

He has following base of more than 7 Lakhs people including all the social media platforms.

He is helping people with the required skillsets that to attract the abundance in their lives. He truly believes in serving people & he don’t want others to commit the same mistakes that he has gone through till now to shorten their journey to become a success and rich.

Mr.Venu Kalyan (Life coach)


About the speaker

" Time is the biggest Asset that we have "

He is helping young generation to achieve the greater heights in their lives.



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